EMPOWERMENT OPPORTUNITY/Job Announcement: Adult Education-TN

Start Date: July 2018

Here’s the criteria (especially because these are my peeps). Now, this may be altered once you actually talk to Lytania. However, as for me-here’s my list:

1. Openness & Compassion. Don’t cringe your nose up at my folks. Everyone has a different story. Them not finishing high school (in the traditional sense) does not diminish who they are or able to become in any way. Check biases, judgments, pre-conceived notions at the door.

2. Ability to connect. Students need more than you “lording” over them. Most of them just need someone willing to connect, build relationship with and encourage them on the journey. You’d be surprised at how disconnected & discouraged they were from obtaining their diploma because of the idiots in the fronts of classrooms and in schools. (did I say/write this one publicly)? Oh well.

3. Learn as you go. This isn’t a traditional classroom so its not as rigid. All curriculum materials are provided but you definitely have to find your flow/pace and get to know your audience while assessing what works and what doesn’t. NO one is giving you a script. Create your own (the BEST part).

4. Willing to teach. This can be described in a lot of ways. For me, I am gifted to teach, so its not as challenging. However, at minimum, you do need to have a heart to want to see people over the threshold of “not knowing to knowing” (My definition of learning). Give them more than what the curriculum requires, help them to leave with more than just a piece of paper and show them that learning and the love for it should be life-long even beyond the obtaining of anything. Learn just because….if you can plant that seed-you’ve just changed an entire life (in my opinion).

Okay. Now of course-these requirements are not legit by any means. However, they would be helpful assets.

Again, if you or anyone you know is interested, let me know.

My class schedule is:

T/Th: 9:00am-12noon (Southwest TN Community College-Gill campus) and 1pm-3pm (TN Department of Corrections-Day Reporting Center)

That’s it! And….yes!! This is a paid opportunity!

For more details, contact Lytania Black (e: lblack@whyhopeworks.org)