TN Ready…Not Ready. Again…

Testing was not ready yesterday. When will we do something about others setting standards for us they cannot reach themselves?

I am not the biggest supporter of testing, but I do understand its place. However, the least we can do or should be able to expect from our state department of education, or the powers that be, is a test that is ready to be taken, when its supposed to be.

We talk about the test all year. We teach to the test all year. We try and prepare our students for the test all year. And then when the time comes, it’s not the students, parents, school staff that’s not ready. It’s the test.

That’s problematic for me. Highly problematic. What’s more disheartening is that more people aren’t outraged or at least pissed off enough to do/say something.

But I really want the stakeholders in Memphis to understand this: I just don’t know how to go about it.

But here’s what I do have:

Commissioner Candice McQueen Contact Info-


Please let her know your concerns with TN Ready.