Five Ways Parents Can Maximize Spring Break for Their Kids

By David McGuire

Not every family can travel during spring break. It may not be in the household budget to fly to Disney World or to an island paradise. Sometimes parents have to maximize spring break for their kids in other ways. Unless parents are teachers they do not get a full week off work like their kids do, so parents have to use their time wisely to help their child maximize spring break. Here are five ways parents can maximize spring break for their kids.

1. Spring Break Project: Parents can do a spring break project with their kids. Kids will look forward to having a project to work on each day. The project can be an indoor project like building a Lego robot. The project can even be something outdoors like planting flowers in the garden in the backyard. No matter how big or small, a spring break family project is a great way to ensure your kid has something to share about break when he/she goes back to school after spring break. 

2. Kid Freedom: The best source of information to find out what your kid wants to do over spring break (if you can’t afford a trip) is your child.   Children are full of ideas. As the parent, just make sure you provide supervision. Giving your child a choice will make them feel empowered during their break.  

3. A Day Trip: We have already talked about how some parents cannot take an entire week off work, but parents might be able to take a day off to take a day trip. Day trips are always fun because families can wake up to hit the road and be back home at a reasonable time. The best day trips are typically to places that are no more than two hours from home. A day trip will be worthwhile for you and your child. 

4. Take Your Kid to Work: Whether they admit it or not, some children really do wonder what their parents do all day long. They wonder what it is like to be at their parent’s job. If you have a job that wouldn’t mind you bringing your child to work, then over spring break pick a day where you can take your kid to work. Then, they will see what a day in your shoes is like. This is also a great time for parents to talk with their kid about careers and college. 

5. Kick Your Kid out the House: Now-a-days kids like to be in the house. With so many technological options such as PlayStation, Xbox, MacBook, and cable television, kids do not play outside anymore. Spring break is a great time for your kids to break out their bikes and rollerblades and get some fresh air. Make your child go outside and play with the kids in the neighborhood. Force them to have some fun outside of turning their eyes red and getting finger blisters because of video games. 

Kids do not really understand how quickly that week or two weeks of spring break will fly by. That is why it is up to parents to make sure spring break is still fun even if you can’t take a big trip. If you do not have any ideas, use these tips to help!