Rally Cry: I am calling all parents…why are we not present?

By Teresena Wright

During the daily grind, I think about many things. At the forefront are my children.  They’re the reason why I fight through my daily hustle and bustle. The choices and most importantly the sacrifices I make are for my children. As I think of all this, I have questions for us as parents.

  • How does it make you feel when you hear we don’t care anymore?
  • Is work that important?
  • Why are we not engaged in our children’s schools?
  • What runs through your mind when we are accused of not caring? 

This question breaks my heart when I think about it because long ago I  joined in with accusations too, but I should have known better. I know parents who are struggling and working many jobs.  Some of them are on drugs or selling them, but their faces light up when you mention their children. They even know where their children attend school. I know you all care, but the teachers in the school need to know that you care. Low turnout to school meetings, parent/teacher conferences, but high turn out for football and basketball tells the teachers a different story than the one in your heart. My plea to all parents is school cannot work properly without you.  Please, try to be more involved and not just in athletics.

I asked a question about work knowing many parents say “I have to work.” I know providing the needs and wants for our children make us feel so wonderful. I want you to begin to think about what the lack of our presence in schools shows; it shows we are like a silent business partner.

  • Are you acting as a silent partner?
  • Are you okay with the decisions being made in your absence?
  • Do you allow the school systems here in Memphis or any other state to make decisions without your opinion on the matter?

I know some of you have said, “What I say and believe is not going to make a difference.” I believe it could because countless parents feel the same way but we don’t show up collectively to force the change.  We have to move from silent business partners to a fully engaged co-partners.  Remember, who knows your child better than you?

I know it is not only work that keeps parents from being engaged in school.  If it is work, then we need to demand for standards to be created for these companies to allow us to be active participants in our children’s school.  The other excuse I have heard is, “I didn’t know about the meetings.”  Schools have schedules, so let’s all get into the habit of aligning our children’s school schedule with our own. This action works wonders for me. I would love to hear about other obstacles that stunts your ability to be involved.  Together we can find solutions.

I really want to know why we are not present in our children’s schools. Ladies and gentlemen, we must support our children. We cannot allow the saying, “Parents don’t care” to be true. I am sorry, but work has to come second, and it is a must that we get involved in our children’s education. Gone are the days of being a silent partner in the business of educating our children. We are their partners and we hold more stock. So, I am calling all parents to table; let’s talk.