CSE Statement on Charlottesville

“As we reflect on the tragic events of the past weekend, it’s important that we take a moment to discuss how manifestations of hate and white supremacy impact our students, and how we should be talking about race relations in our community and our country. The work that education leaders and advocates engage in on behalf of children in the state of Tennessee to protect their future is critically important – now more than ever. However, It is not enough for us to continue to advocate for quality schools and equity in education, we must also champion the need for our students to live in this world freely and safely, and with robust encouragement and most importantly love.

We must continue to tell our children they are respected, valued, and loved. My fellow colleagues in education, we must speak up and stand up for our children and their rights. It’s time we have an open dialogue about the reality our students of color face every day. In speaking to our students they have to know that we care, and in the same manner that we fight for improved education, we must fight for our students to live.” 

– Mendell Grinter, Executive Director, Campaign for School Equity