ESSA Bootcamp

On July 24, 2017 ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) will be holding a Bootcamp at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis sponsored by the Tennessee Educational Equity Coalition. 

Daria Hall, the Vice President for Government Affairs and Communication at the Education Trust, is expected to serve as the featured speaker. Daria brings considerable expertise on the federal ESSA law and will provide a national context for what the law means for students and what advocates in Tennessee must do to ensure our state plan’s implementation is focused on ensuring all students succeed. 

We are also expected to hear remarks from Terri Freeman, the President at the National Civil Rights Museum, and a presentation from Mary Batiwalla, the Executive Director of the Office of Accountability at the Tennessee Department of Education. 

 Attendees of the Bootcamp will receive a few pre-reading materials in order to prepare them for the day.  Some are very cursory, but we are also attaching a full link to the TN ESSA Plan and a national peer review of the Tennessee plan. As with all homework, the more you do in advance the more you will get from the day!

Some of the reading material will include:

1. An Ed Trust document about what ESSA means for equity

2. A glossary of education terms

3. A Tennessee Department of Education document detailing changes from draft to the final plan

4. a LINK to the final TN ESSA plan and supplemental fact sheets and presentations 

5. a national peer review of the Tennessee Plan from Bellwether Education 

Please feel free to join us for a full day of learning about Tennessee’s ESSA plan and what it will mean for students, schools, and communities across the state. The Bootcamp is from 9-2pm.

Click here for registration and additional details