Are you at the table?

I’m sitting at a table looking around where “we” (black folks) are the majority, a very rare instance, and the discussion is centered around educational reform and black kids who are the majority…. I’m grateful that God has opened doors to allow me to get here, to this point, that was such a far figment only a few years ago…on the same hand, this brings me to the harsh truth & today’s thought…

Black folks: “are you at the table or on the table?”

In my climb up my own success ladder, I recognized this harsh truth. Either we are AT the table (very few), or we’re ON the table (many in number). 

Let me give an example: At the table, you’re “invited” in to make collective decisions, plan, and give input with your group of professional peers, and colleagues. You’re a part of the closed door meetings, the meetings before the meetings and considered an asset to be invited and a threat if you’re not invited.

On the table, you get the email, or notifications after the decisions have been made and then told what to do next…Point blank.

Black professionals: in your own respective spheres and industries, which are you? 

I can tell you in my space of Educational Reform & Advocacy, I am one of few blacks, definitely one of the youngest, and hands down only one of a small count that’s actually a native Memphian. To me, yes an accomplishment (in a sense); but to my fellow peers, I wonder where do you fall? 
Just something to think about…