Get Paid

Khadesia Howell is a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Memphis, TN native. With her degree in Hispanic Studies and pre-medicine, she strives to promote equality and inclusivity in all aspects of life, especially within the health fields. She now works in the Medical District of Memphis, TN

As a proud alum of Whitehaven High School, Khadesia Howell witnessed first-hand the hardships of students when it came to access to and awareness of resources around college readiness, standardized testing, financial aid, and other necessary tools that are needed for every student wanting to venture on to college post high school. Because of this, Howell created  “Get Paid: A Guide to Endless Opportunities”, a three-day event coming to  Memphis this summer.

“Get Paid: A Guide to Endless Opportunities” is a three-day event that will offer  educational, social, and financial equity to students in Memphis in low-economic neighborhoods/low-resourced schools. The event will include a free practice ACT, multiple interactive sessions on how to “Get Paid” and be successful in any venture you choose to pursue, as well as sessions on  personal finance, credit, race, and much more. By the end of the event, participants will have more access to resources earlier, at an earlier stage, equalizing the  playing field wherever their path may lead them.

“I planned this event in order to fill in the gap between education for academia and education for their futures,” says Howell. “There is a need for education that is focused around different avenues besides college and letting students of color know that there’s more to life than what they’ve been told and taught in school. I want them to start to have a voice and create a vision that is beyond the school walls.”

The expected outcome is that those who attend will have a better grasp on the next stages of life even if it just knowing what to do within the next six months. At least they can begin to see a vision for themselves. Howell is confident that students will leave the three-day event empowered and informed and knowing that there is a community that is rooting for them. Hopefully, this can begin talk throughout the community about giving students a voice outside the constraints of the school system and help them see the benefits of giving back to their communities.