Charter Feature: Supremacy Sports Academy

Sports + Education

Memphis, Tennessee is filled with sports fans, sports players, and sports teams, from the NBA, MLB, and the NFL. Therefore it is not surprising to see a new charter school focused on fitness and sports apply for authorization in our sports-minded town.

Supremacy Sports Academy seeks to provide a diverse student body with an innovative and high-quality secondary education that produce college-bound students, while integrating sports into the school curriculum with a focus on sports leadership and management, and college preparation.

The proposed charter middle school and high school program will offer students opportunities for career exploration and internships through the following career academies in the sports leadership and management arena:

   •    Sports Medicine

   •    Digital Television and Sports Media Production

   •    Sports Marketing, Entertainment, and Management.

The program will offer students career pathways in the sports leadership and management arena through career academies, as well as mentors and opportunities for real-world immersion activities and on the job training in grades 6-12.

The founder is Memphis Native, DePaula Ross, a graduate of Craigmont High School. She attended the University of Memphis and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Management, and also received a Master of Arts from the University of Phoenix in Adult Education and Distance Learning. She decided to move her career into the Training and Development field, where she went back to school to get her teacher certification in Business Technology. She’s taught high school at Kirby High School and River City High School of Leadership and Service and taught middle school at Power Center Academy.  She found a love for e-learning and teaching and decided to go back to school to receive her EDS in Instructional Design and Technology at the University of Memphis. While she was in school, she formed two semi-pro men’s basketball teams in Tennessee, the Memphis Lions, and the Hub City Cyclones, and helped many players come back into a sport that they always had dreams to play in on a professional level. She has changed the lives of many adult men in the community by giving them a positive outlet. Also, her teams have been a positive influence in the community by showing that men and women can work together to have a substantial impact on the city’s youth.

From there, she moved into the corporate world and started educating adults on the business level, but she still had a passion for teaching students. DePaula started tutoring students on many levels, but her primary focus has been on helping students and athletes prepare for the ACT. She developed Supremacy Sports, Inc. to foster player development, physical, mental, and economic growth through appropriate skill levels development, knowledge, competition, and sportsmanship while creating an environment conducive to building character, morals, and professionalism.

Her goals for Supremacy Sports, Inc. are to:

Provide quality representation to athletes by increasing knowledge among youth and adults; Develop, support, and educate young people and adults about sports while fostering national or international amateur competition.Educate athletes on all aspects of sports management, including sports entertainment, league development, education, marketing, and media.