The NAACP is coming to Memphis to hear what you have to say about charter schools

Well, this should be interesting.

After passing a resolution calling for the end to charter school growth, the national board of the NAACP set out to hear from the public (seems a little backwards – shouldn’t you hear from the public before passing a resolution?).

The historic civil rights organization is planning to host seven “town hall” meetings in cities as diverse as New Orleans, Detroit, Orlando, and New York. And, yes, one of these town halls will be coming to Memphis too (on January 10th). 

We’ll be waiting to see if the parents and grandparents who took long bus rides up to Cincinnati back in October to bring their objections directly to the NAACP board will turn out to be heard when the NAACP comes to town.

Until then…

  • Read more about the NAACP resolution here.
  • Read about the differences of opinion about charter schools in the black community here.
  • Read the letter from 160 black education leaders opposing the NAACP’s resolution here.


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