Pro-Charter group and their candidates cleared of wrong doing

Jason Gonzales reports at The Tennessean that after four months of post election drama, Stand for Children and four pro-charter school candidates have been cleared of alleged campaign finance violations. The vote by the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance board was unanimous (4-0) to dismiss the entire case. 

Others have weighed in too, including Miranda Christy, one of the four candidates accused of wrongdoing just days before the election. Vesia Hawkins, local education advocate and blogger, was granted permission to re-post Christy’s words here. 

This year has been a series of tests – and not only did I pass them all, I also managed to end up with more friends and wisdom than I had 12 months ago.

Zack Barnes writes an an edgier piece at Tennessee Ed Report where he questions the motives of those who filed the complaints in the first place and highlights what he sees as a double standard. 

But were these complaints really against “dark money” as Tennessee Citizen Action claimed or more about charter schools? Sources who attended the press conference after the hearing stated that Gerard Stranch, attorney for Tennessee Citizen Action, brought up how Stand for Children wanted to bring more charter schools to Nashville. These school board candidates weren’t even calling for more charter schools.

The complaint had nothing to do with charter schools, so it was surprising to hear that’s what Tennessee Citizen Action’s legal counsel wanted to discuss. On Twitter, Stranch believes “pro charter folks” are treated differently by the bipartisan registry.

This was about the fight for charter schools disguised as a campaign against dark money. And Tennessee Citizen Action lost overwhelmingly.

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