He must be stopped

R. Kelly has the world fired up! I guess hearing the exact same rumors and allegations 20 years ago vs. seeing it on TV gives it more validation! Since his documentary has aired, why has his record sales increased?

As a mother, I am really appalled that so many people are defending and still patronizing him. People like him are given a pass because they are a celebrities. He continues to abuse and destroy so many young girl’s lives. Giving passes to people like him keeps criminals like him on a pedestal.

R. Kelly is a creative genius, but he has a problem and he needs help. What is sad is how many people sat back and watched him: his managers, friends, family, etc. and no one said a word. No one tried to protect the young girls. Maybe they did, but they didn’t try hard enough. Everyone was okay with it because of his status and financial gain.  

The parents, his staff, friends, and his family have to be held accountable for putting these children in danger and not speaking out sooner. R. Kelly has to also see and accept his bad behavior choices. The young ladies went along with it because parents were excited to be connected with a celebrity.  If some of the victim’s parents had reported suspicious behavior as it occurred or if they talked to their children letting them know how bad this situation could end, I’m pretty sure there would have been a different outcome. We need to have conversations with our sons and daughters about relatives, friends, and people they may encounter in life, no matter if they are a celebrity or not. We also need to let them know they can come to us if they feel uncomfortable or violated in any way; communication is VERY important.

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